Monday, January 19, 2015

My Patchwork Blanket

Ok it has been along time since I made a post as you can see. I have been getting into other crafts Crocheting is one of them:)
There isn't a pattern for this blanket as I fell in love with clothogancho2 blankets or plaids as she calls them I set out to make my own. I will share how I did it with you beings that I have learned and gotten so much freely too off of the internet. Besides it really is just all granny squares. I used join as you go method by Attic 24.

 In the center I did just 2 round granny squares 10 across and 10 down (100 squares) a few I made two colors. First round of squares around I did 4 round on the granny square I did 24 of those. Some I did
one row of one color the the other three a color, then two rows a color the the other two colors .......

Second round of squares I did all centers white, second row a separate color next two rows brown, i did 32 squares

Third round of squares is just two rounds the senter i did color and the last round I did white i did 76 squares

 Then I started the stripes and the first row is kinda tricky or you will end up with more stitches then you need. you will need to skip a space on every white( or whatever color you do) square after that crochet on. You cant tell it in the end. I crochet 8 rows.

 Then another round of four round granny square two colors in the center with brown two rows of brown I did 52 of those. followed with 8 more rows of stripes at this point I am done.

 so there you go.....if you use this formula I would love to see what you come up with so please share :)

Friday, August 31, 2012


It's new Release Day at Brownie Scraps.
They have some really fabulous templates.
Check them out here

Here is one I made using Litttle Bit Shoppe Designs
Write it Down

Kit elements from Kimb designs Just 4 Dad
  paper Boys Only by LDrag Designs
 tape by Jady Day Studio My Everyday Memories
stitches  (recolored)Yesturday's Jam by One Story Down
I had meant to go another way with it but once I started this is 
what came. 
This is the preview of the Template pack

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Ok I love pets! I really do, but when it comes to
neighbors having pets well lets just say not
everyone treats their pets the same.
For instance there is one that just ties theirs up so
it barks all the time!! No attention! Pets needs attention folks.
Then there is the ones that gets them and just turns them loose
for everyone else to take care of. 
I am talking about things being carried off, dog messes on my driveway, porch steps.
Patio furniture ruined by a neighbors muddy dog.
Ok yes I let mine on the furniture, not if they are muddy!!
And sleepless nights, porch is right outside my bedroom window,
so is it some one there or neighbors animal.
Well I tooo chicken to see so what do I do?
Stay awake wondering if some one going to come through the door.
Well after three nights I finally had enough and after two hours
of hearing noises ( I even put gates up to keep them off)
like some one coming through the gate
I bolt out the door to find a cat!
Not mine I don't have one.
All I can say is here Kitty Kitty the pound is looking for you.

I keep mine in my yard! I don't let mine outside barking all day
and all night. I know dogs bark but to hear one bark just because it wants
attention and the owners just ignore it drives me nuts!

Ok mine don't really think they are dogs so don't tell them they may start barking
out of pure shock :)

Well enough of my rant,
Here is some pictures of my fur babies :)
The bigger one Angel I rescued from the pound. 
She is one really great dog
The little one, Skipper is a Chi Poo
Isn't that sweet they are eating out of the same dish.

This one is just adorable!!

Ah he just wants to play too :)

Angel :)
Did I say she the best dog ever! I felt so bad having her on a leash here
She stays with me any where, but for her sake and everyone else I did at 
the conference center.

They are really really spoiled! oh and don't mention bye bye, they know what
that means :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I have two teenagers 
and lots of times I hear "why not" "seriously" "really mom"
along with lots of others like "how come".
With playing with the template from Humpty Dumpty challenge
(yep it was last months) by
Keepscrappin Designs,
and my wacam tablet I had really fun being creative and
playing  with the blend modes.
Oh and the brushes.
I don't think dude came out too bad :)
I clipped papers for his clothes
I used Boyz Only by Ldrag Designs
and Teen Scene by Down This Road Designs and Memory Clips