Monday, January 19, 2015

My Patchwork Blanket

Ok it has been along time since I made a post as you can see. I have been getting into other crafts Crocheting is one of them:)
There isn't a pattern for this blanket as I fell in love with clothogancho2 blankets or plaids as she calls them I set out to make my own. I will share how I did it with you beings that I have learned and gotten so much freely too off of the internet. Besides it really is just all granny squares. I used join as you go method by Attic 24.

 In the center I did just 2 round granny squares 10 across and 10 down (100 squares) a few I made two colors. First round of squares around I did 4 round on the granny square I did 24 of those. Some I did
one row of one color the the other three a color, then two rows a color the the other two colors .......

Second round of squares I did all centers white, second row a separate color next two rows brown, i did 32 squares

Third round of squares is just two rounds the senter i did color and the last round I did white i did 76 squares

 Then I started the stripes and the first row is kinda tricky or you will end up with more stitches then you need. you will need to skip a space on every white( or whatever color you do) square after that crochet on. You cant tell it in the end. I crochet 8 rows.

 Then another round of four round granny square two colors in the center with brown two rows of brown I did 52 of those. followed with 8 more rows of stripes at this point I am done.

 so there you go.....if you use this formula I would love to see what you come up with so please share :)

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